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  • Welcome to SourceCxde!

         SourceCxde aims to be both extremely legit and easy to use.
         No need to spend hours configuring your settings or download dozens of different public settings.
         With us you will be in-game and ranking up in no time!
         Our cheats are always up to date with the most powerful and newest features on the market

    So don't hesitate and join our active community on the Forums and on Discord.
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  • Sponsorship

    Do you want to work together with us?
    We will gladly give Youtubers or anyone else who can advertise SourceCxde with free access to our cheat.

    Requirements for youtubers
    We would like to give everyone a chance and therefor have pretty low requirements.

    • Have previous Csgo/cheating content
    • Atleast 100ish views on your recent videos.
    • Some viewer interaction (Comments/Discord/etc.)
    • Min 720p quality

    How to apply
    For Youtubers fill in the following form:

    • Youtube link:
    • Age:
    • Country:
    • How many videos/stream do you plan on making with SourceCxde?
    • Do you also make videos for other cheats?
    • Are you planning on streaming? If so:
      • Average duration of your streams

    For others just let us know how you can help us and we will get back to you.

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