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  4. Review of sourcxde

    Thanks for the nice review! We'll add some of the suggestions to our list. And I know that the cfg system isnt perfect, we even agree with your points, we will deff improve it in the future.
  5. Review of sourcxde

    Aimbot - I have only used silent aim so i cant comment on the other aimbot but they isnt much to say about silent aim it works and looks legit with a small fov 0.8-1.2. Also it would be nice if you could select several hitboxes instead of just nearest hitbox or 1. RCS - Sometimes it can look fishy on demons but im still messing around with my settings so that might be the problem but other than that its pretty powerful and makes it so much easier to spray Visuals - Not much to say about visuals, it would be good if you could have a recoil crosshair without having the main one active and if the main one is enabled be able to change the size of it. Also different types of chams would be nice to be added like golden chams crystal etc also nightmode would be nice Triggerbot - Cant comment on it because i dont use it Misc - A lot of nice features in misc clantag is pretty unique and cool, hitmarkers are always a bonus however it would be a nice to be able to change the size/color of the hitmarker. Un fortunately they is no auto accept but its not that much of a big deal. Skin/glove changer - its what you expect however sometimes the gloves dont load in when i join a game so i have to go and manually select them again so i just dont use gloves but the skin changer is pretty nice Would be nice if they was a name changer on the skins but again its not needed Cfg - Im not a fan of the cfg system i would prefer just tabs for rifle pistol sniper heavy etc.. its a bit tedious going through EVERY gun every time you want to change something on the cfg for example: i had to go in every single gun and change the aim type manually and it took me a good 15-20mins just to change one thing. If i wanted to change something while in game for a weapon set it would be pretty hard Overall this cheat is p good and i'd rate it about 9/10 even tho more could be added/improved
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  7. Full Review SourceCxde

  8. My personal review of SourceCxde

    Thanks for the very nice and well written review. I'm always happy to see people loving the project as much as we do.
  9. My personal review of SourceCxde

    Hello everyone, I guess I owe a review to SourceCxde This is a personal, honest and unbiased account of my experience with SourceCxde. I want to start off with a little bit of history. 2 months ago, I got VAC banned using a free csgo hack I found online and ended up losing my 4 year old csgo account. I was devastated of losing all my progress because I only used the hack for a month. Ever since, I've been scourging the internet for a legit csgo hack but most hacks I found were scams. That's when I came across the name "SourceCxde" in a forum somewhere where people claimed it to be legit and backed by a great technical team. I was skeptical at first but went ahead and purchased it. Because "Sometimes you gotta take a leap of faith,the trust part comes later"(Man Of Steel) I was impressed at how easy it was to use. You just purchase it and then go to members area and download a client and run it with game. The in-game cheat interface is hassle-free and direct. I doubt a cheat menu can be simpler than this. And I have not seen any bans on any user during my time which only increases my confidence to keep using SourceCxde. The discord group is always updated with latest news relating to the hack and I love how they(SourceCxde team) always keep the cheat updated. The longest I've waited was a few hours at best for a cheat update. I know there are users claiming that the cheat doesn't work or crashes their game or blue screens. But what they don't understand is everyone's PC can be different because there are a lot of variables at work which is nearly impossible for the devs to fix from their end. A format and a fresh OS should solve most of these issues(but don't quote me on that I'm no technical expert). TLDR: The best legit hack for csgo out there right now. And very well worth the €15 a month. Note : If anyone looking to purchase and still having doubts can contact me in their discord group under this same name. Have a good one, bodybagger.
  10. awp ace i hit

    Damn, impressive!
  11. awp ace i hit

  12. Legit Cheating with SourceCxde

    Haste die Config am start?
  13. Payment Options

    We currently do not but we are looking to add it in the future. Cant say how long it'll take but it might be a while, if ever.
  14. Payment Options

    Hey, do you guys accept crypto currencies? If you do, which? Greets
  15. YouTube

    You can find all info about sponsorship HERE
  16. YouTube

    Hello, i am a "YouTuber" with over 900 Subscribers i want to start a series called Legit Hacking, can i get the cheat for a review or a series? My YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm2Lv4UBsDcy7Rjmze98Uyw?view_as=subscriber My Steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198814588759/
  17. Recent Downtime

    Thanks for the post, it at least shows that you are active and concerned with your customers. Although I have no intention of unsubscribing or anything of the sort regardless, I've noticed that there's a wide range of reasons the client isn't working; from stuck on "Logging in..." to "HWID" something or other to just not injecting at all and not popping back up after running it as administrator. That being said, 98.5% of the time the client works just fine (and just fine meaning better and more smoothly than most things on Valve itself). Thanks again for the PSN. Good community/admins.
  18. Recent Downtime

    Its okay my dude. I cant speak for anyone else but i dont have a problem with waiting, I was planning on buying the lifetime subscription after my monthly ended anyways. Hopfully you'll be able to fix the problem soon
  19. Recent Downtime

    Hello SourceCxders! Recently, as you've noticed, our forums and other core services of the cheat have been having some troubles with crashes and outages. We know it's not a pleasant time, nor is it for us. We appreciate your patience while we get these issues resolved. Now, some more information on what is actually happening; One of our servers keep running out of available Inodes, so we have to keep restarting the server to get it running. In other words, it's running out of space, and there's not much we can do to get this resolved, so we ask that you find more patience deep down in your souls to help us fix the problems. I deeply and personally apologize for the lost time on your subscriptions!
  20. Legit Cheating with SourceCxde

    Danke :^)
  21. SourceCxde Review

    ^pretty much it ^^
  22. Legit Cheating with SourceCxde

    schönes video :3
  23. DNACV Frag Movies

  24. Sourcecxde Video

    well made, couldve gone more into detail i guess
  25. SourceCxde Cheat Review

    Great video!
  26. Legit Cheating with SourceCxde

    https://youtu.be/aApCS0dsp_Q For the German guys! hehe
  27. Sourcecxde REVIEW

  28. Review "my review"

    Create a support ticket. explain what the issue is and what you already tried and we'll help you over there.
  29. Review "my review"

    maybe a driver issue
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