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  3. Legit hacking with sourcecxde

  4. [CHANGELOG] CS:GO Update | 05/05/2018

    hello bro, i already perchase monthly. where can i download the hack
  5. VAT problem

    It says (No Vat included) because the price you see there in the store is without VAT, aka the price you see does not include VAT. VAT is based on the country you are in so we can only calculate it after you give in your billing address which is in the next step. It shows you the price + VAT in the checkout page and all the way through the payout steps. We do not choose to charge VAT, those are simply the laws we have to follow.
  6. VAT problem

    I became very annoyed to notice that your cheat had a 20% VAT when it clearly said in the description of the product (No Vat included) I still bought it because I know that it will still take years for the administrators of this site to take notice and I couldn't wait any longer.# Still, I am very disappointed. . Kind regards Vintage
  7. Legit Config

    Hey guys, Do any of you have a good Legit config + how to install it. It can be with or without hacks but it would be nice if the config was hard to detect and yet very effectiv Thanks !
  8. Cheat Showcase

  9. Legit hacking with sourcecxde

  10. Can I buy this cheat with paypal ?

    Np. Enjoy!
  11. Can I buy this cheat with paypal ?

    I have it,sorry And Thanks
  12. Can I buy this cheat with paypal ?

    But... when i click on the buy tab,i need to write some information of my bills,or whatever. Like the postcode,city,etc. So does that affect something ?
  13. Can I buy this cheat with paypal ?

    Paypal and credit card via Paypal is currently he only way to pay for the cheat, so yes.
  14. Hey, The question is simple. As I saw, there was a billing-pay method. But the more comfortable way for me to pay is through paypal. Is there any way to buy this cheat with paypal ? Thanks
  15. Updates and detection lock

    Via the store. https://sourcecxde.com/store/product/1-sourcecxde-csgo-access-not-refundable/
  16. Updates and detection lock

    how do i buy
  17. CHANGELOG [New] Added Aimbot 'onkey' Added Aimbot 'onshoot' [Fixed] Updated the cheat to work with the latest CS:GO update
  18. CHANGELOG [New] Added Colored Walls Added Nonsticky for aimbot [Fixed] Updated the cheat to work with the latest CS:GO update Thanks to @suprememer, our new coder, If you have any suggestions feel free to add request them here: https://sourcecxde.com/forum/15-suggestions/
  19. Updates and detection lock

    We dont have a schedule for updates. Recently we have been a bit slow but we just hired a new coder so it should pick up very soon. We do disable the cheat the moment we believe a vac wave is going on.
  20. Hello! I'm thinking of buying your cheat service for throwing away accounts. I have a few (well only 2) questions about the service before I make my purchase. 1: How often do you update the engine? Is it every week or do you update it every month? 2: Do you lock us user out from the service if the cheat gets detected by VALVe (A cheat engine for TF2 have this feature)?
  21. My Review of soucecxde

  22. Internal or External

    The cheat is internal
  23. Internal or External

    Before I buy sourcecxde, I want to know if this cheat is internal or external. Thanks
  24. You cannot automatically upgrade your subscription via the website but we are able to do it for if you create a ticket via Support. So to sum it up: Yes, you can upgrade your monthly sub into lifetime if all the slots are taken if you contact support about it.
  25. Just a quick question, I saw that lifetime is $100 and monthly is $15, if I don't have enough money for lifetime right now can I buy monthly to reserve a slot then change my payments to lifetime later even if all of the other slots are filled?
  26. wont let me buy

    Answered your support ticket. have a look there.
  27. wont let me buy

    when i got to check out it comes up with an error 4X196/3 and thats the error
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