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  • Welcome to SourceCxde!

         SourceCxde aims to be both extremely legit and easy to use.
         No need to spend hours configuring your settings or download dozens of different public settings.
         With us you will be in-game and ranking up in no time!
         Our cheats are always up to date with the most powerful and newest features on the market

    So don't hesitate and join our active community on the Forums and on Discord.
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  • Welcome to SourceCxde,
    Lets not waste an time and get right to the point.

    How to download the cheat

    1. Head over to the Members area.
    2. Under the dashboard you will find Downloads.
    3. Download the SourceCxde client.

    How to run the cheat

    1. Make sure you disable your anti virus including Windows Defender.
    2. Run the cheat as administrator.
    3. Log in and load the cheat you want.
    4. Run steam
    5. Run the game
    6. Ingame, press Insert to open the cheat menu.

    What is the Members Area


    • Changelog of the members area.


    • Download the cheat and the requirements needed.


    • List of frequently asked question.

    HWID Reset

    • If your Hwid gets locked you can request a HWID reset here.
    • This can be caused by updating your drivers or changing your hardware.


    • Here you can find more details about your subscription.

    Client Activities

    • Activity logs for your client.

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