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  1. Review of sourcxde

    Thanks for the nice review! We'll add some of the suggestions to our list. And I know that the cfg system isnt perfect, we even agree with your points, we will deff improve it in the future.
  2. My personal review of SourceCxde

    Thanks for the very nice and well written review. I'm always happy to see people loving the project as much as we do.
  3. awp ace i hit

    Damn, impressive!
  4. Payment Options

    We currently do not but we are looking to add it in the future. Cant say how long it'll take but it might be a while, if ever.
  5. YouTube

    You can find all info about sponsorship HERE
  6. Review "my review"

    Create a support ticket. explain what the issue is and what you already tried and we'll help you over there.

    Our cheat is currently undetected so you deff can but I cant guarantee that it will NEVER be detected. nobody can. I would recommend you to use cheats on a smurf just to be safe. And lifetime offers the best value if you plan on using it for multiple month. Especially with the slots getting close to being filled.
  8. Review "my review"

    Our getting started guide has 5 steps and you failed step 1. You have to disable your anti virus incl windows defender or it might trigger our anti leak system and it will crash your pc as a defense mechanism. Disable it and try again.
  9. CHANGELOG [New] Added Trigger Overburst Added No Visual Recoil [Fixed] Updated the cheat to work with the latest CS:GO update
  10. Feature List

    Aimbot Aimbot - Active - Activate the aimbot features - Toggle Key - - FOV - aim_fov_active - activates the fov limit - FOV - Set the Field Of View the aimbot - Smooth - Increase or Lower the speed of the Aimbot. (High smooth or Less snap) - Curve - Increase or Lower the Curve of the Aimbot - Auto shoot - Automatically fires when aiming on the target - Silent aim - Remove client-side view of Aimbot Target - Enemy only - - Backtrack - - Visualize Backtrack - - Nearest Hitbox - Aimbot aims to the closest hitbox of crosshair - Hitbox - Choose the hitbox the Aimbot will aim to Recoil control System - Recoil Control System - Control the guns spray pattern for assistance. - RCS Horizontal - Control the power of the RCS power in its left and right spray pattern - RCS Vertical - Control the power of the RCS power in its up and down spray pattern - Recoil control after x shots - After X amount of shots. (X being the number you choose) - RCS Standalone - Control the spray pattern without need of target - Random Standalone Percentage - Control the power of the RCS power in its left and right spray pattern - RCS Standalone Horizontal - Control the power of the RCS power in its left and right spray pattern - RCS Standalone Vertical - Control the power of the RCS power in its up and down spray pattern - Mode - Choose the aim mode Triggerbot Triggerbot - Active - Enables the triggerbot - Toggle Key - - Delay - Sets the delay of the triggerbot before it fires - Overburst - Set the Amount of shots to be fired after the enemy's death - Hitchance - Set the hitchance needed to fire Target - Enemy only - Sets Triggerbot to only fire if target is enemy - Hitbox - Select the hitboxs for trigger to fire on - Mode - Choose the trigger mode Visuals Target - Player - Enable esp filters of what to be drawn - ESP Enemy only - Enable esp to be drawn for only enemys - Chams Enemy only - Enables chams to be drawn for only enemys - Dropped Weapons - Enables dropped weapons to be drawn Text - Name - Enables the display of players names - Weapon - Enables the display of players weapons - Ammo - Enables the display of players ammo count - Has Defuser - Enables the display of players with defusers - Is Defusing - Enables the display of players defusing - Is Scoping - Enables the display of player who are scoped Player - Active - Enables esp to be drawn for players - Bone ESP - Enables bone skeleton esp on players - Barrel ESP - See where the enemys are aiming at Misc - Beams - Visualizes the shots by Beams - Radar - Draws an Radar - Radar Size - The Size of the Radar - Crosshair Compass - Displays if there are Enemys on the left or right - C4 Timer - Displays bomb timer on the right middle side of screen - Damage indicators - Shows the damage delt on players in 3D space Chams - Visible only - Shows chams only if it can be seen - Hand Chams - Shows players hand as a soild color or other - Weapon Chams - Shows weapons as a soild color or other - Player Chams - Shows players as a soild color or other - Head dot - Enables types of shown esp on players head center - Armor - Enables types of shown armor - Health - Enables types of shown health - Box - Enables types of box esp on players Misc Misc - Auto Pistol - Auto Pistol - No Visual Recoil - Make's the Recoil invisible - Bunnyhop - Enables bunnyhop - Hold space to bunny - Rank Revealer - Reveals Ranks in the Scoreboard - Autostrafe - Enables autostrafe - no longer requires A and D to turn - Flash Alpha - Changes the amount of flash shown on screen Field of View - Game FOV - Changes you ingame field of view - Viewmodel FOV - Changes your ingame hand/weapon models field of view Crosshair - Crosshair active - Enables crosshair to be seen - Recoil Crosshair - Enables where your next shot will be in the spraypattern as a crosshair - Crosshair Style - Changes the shown style of crosshair Hitmarker - Hitmarker Volume - Slider for the amount of volume the hit sound creates Visual - Watermark - Displays the SourceCxde watermark at the top left - Mod Status - Displays the active tabs on the top right - Hitmarker Mode - Enables the hitmarker as 2D or 3D - Clantag - Changes the Clantag Skins/Gloves Gloves - Float (Glove) - - Remove - Knife Settings - Force Update - Skins - Paintkit - The Paintkit - Float (Weapon) - - Seed - - StatTrak - - Remove Skin - - Weapon - The Weapon - Skin - - Glove - - Knife - Settings Colors - Rainbow Speed - Increase the Rainbow Speed - Red - Specify the red color - Green - Specify the green color - Blue - Specify the blue color - Alpha - Specify the alpha - Preview - Preview Color List - Color - Menu Themes Configs - Weapon Configs - Specify a config for every weapon - Configs - - Save Config - saves your config - Load Config - loads your config - Unload - This will unload the Cheat - Theme - Choose your Menu Theme - Rainbow - Enables the Rainbow mode
  11. My SourceCxde Review

    Thanks for the kind words, hope to see you around for a while
  12. Well made legit cheat

    Thanks for the great review!
  13. We only focus on Valve's mm. Anything else might or might not work.
  14. Presales

    Vat is tax, we are registered as an actual company so we have to follow the rules. More info https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value-added_tax Yes, you can keybind the aimbot to the same key as your 'shoot' key Depends on your setting Not with the correct settings There are a bunch of videos out there of our cheat in action. I would recommend you to take a look at a couple of those.
  15. Question.

    No you cannot as of this moment.

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