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  1. My personal review of SourceCxde

    Hello everyone, I guess I owe a review to SourceCxde This is a personal, honest and unbiased account of my experience with SourceCxde. I want to start off with a little bit of history. 2 months ago, I got VAC banned using a free csgo hack I found online and ended up losing my 4 year old csgo account. I was devastated of losing all my progress because I only used the hack for a month. Ever since, I've been scourging the internet for a legit csgo hack but most hacks I found were scams. That's when I came across the name "SourceCxde" in a forum somewhere where people claimed it to be legit and backed by a great technical team. I was skeptical at first but went ahead and purchased it. Because "Sometimes you gotta take a leap of faith,the trust part comes later"(Man Of Steel) I was impressed at how easy it was to use. You just purchase it and then go to members area and download a client and run it with game. The in-game cheat interface is hassle-free and direct. I doubt a cheat menu can be simpler than this. And I have not seen any bans on any user during my time which only increases my confidence to keep using SourceCxde. The discord group is always updated with latest news relating to the hack and I love how they(SourceCxde team) always keep the cheat updated. The longest I've waited was a few hours at best for a cheat update. I know there are users claiming that the cheat doesn't work or crashes their game or blue screens. But what they don't understand is everyone's PC can be different because there are a lot of variables at work which is nearly impossible for the devs to fix from their end. A format and a fresh OS should solve most of these issues(but don't quote me on that I'm no technical expert). TLDR: The best legit hack for csgo out there right now. And very well worth the €15 a month. Note : If anyone looking to purchase and still having doubts can contact me in their discord group under this same name. Have a good one, bodybagger.

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