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  1. Review of sourcxde

    Aimbot - I have only used silent aim so i cant comment on the other aimbot but they isnt much to say about silent aim it works and looks legit with a small fov 0.8-1.2. Also it would be nice if you could select several hitboxes instead of just nearest hitbox or 1. RCS - Sometimes it can look fishy on demons but im still messing around with my settings so that might be the problem but other than that its pretty powerful and makes it so much easier to spray Visuals - Not much to say about visuals, it would be good if you could have a recoil crosshair without having the main one active and if the main one is enabled be able to change the size of it. Also different types of chams would be nice to be added like golden chams crystal etc also nightmode would be nice Triggerbot - Cant comment on it because i dont use it Misc - A lot of nice features in misc clantag is pretty unique and cool, hitmarkers are always a bonus however it would be a nice to be able to change the size/color of the hitmarker. Un fortunately they is no auto accept but its not that much of a big deal. Skin/glove changer - its what you expect however sometimes the gloves dont load in when i join a game so i have to go and manually select them again so i just dont use gloves but the skin changer is pretty nice Would be nice if they was a name changer on the skins but again its not needed Cfg - Im not a fan of the cfg system i would prefer just tabs for rifle pistol sniper heavy etc.. its a bit tedious going through EVERY gun every time you want to change something on the cfg for example: i had to go in every single gun and change the aim type manually and it took me a good 15-20mins just to change one thing. If i wanted to change something while in game for a weapon set it would be pretty hard Overall this cheat is p good and i'd rate it about 9/10 even tho more could be added/improved
  2. awp ace i hit


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